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20.01.2010 - New Projects

Today we have been uploading some older Projects. These you will find in the "Projects...

22.12.2009 - Homepage relaunch

We will start with a new Corporate Identity into the new year.

26.11.2009 - NÖ Building Award - Special Award for the Hillstation

The mountain station Hochschneeberg was today awarded a special prize for a particularly...

05.11.2009 - NÖ Timber Award - Hillstation Hochschneeberg

The Hillstation Hochschneeberg received a award at the Nether Austria Timber Award.

28.10.2009 - Opening Billa Pöttsching

The new Billa filiale in Pöttsching was opened.

26.10.2009 - Openen Natureparkstore Drassburg

The old post office shines in a new gloss.

17.07.2009 - Hillstation Hochschneeberg opened

The new Hillstation on Hochschneeberg was opened.

Openen Natureparkstore Drassburg


The old post office shines in a new gloss.

In Draßburg the new Natureparkstore and office was opened. It's information office for visitors to the park Rosalia Kogelberg and shop for regional specialties and wines ...

Untergebracht ist das neue Naturparkbüro im revitalisierten Gebäude der "Alten Post".

The conversion of the "Old Post" took place in the context of renovation and has claimed the lives of some 280,000 euros. The cost Häflte has taken over the town, the other half is financed through grants.

Text: Gemeinde Drassburg